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Through 1 to 1 coaching I can help build confidence when performing exercises and making sure you are nailing your technique.

I will guide you through a personal tailored programme whilst also educating you along the way on how to structure your training sessions and weekly routines to ensure you are progressing towards your desired goals. 

I am also there to help give you a bit of a push and be your woo-girl when you need a bit of motivation. (I am also always there to listen when you have had a tough day!)

Personal training can be done in person or via zoom calls. 



No two people are the same, nor are injuries. Each programme will be designed to fit you, your injury, your lifestyle and your final goal, whether that is looking to get back on a rugby pitch, run a 5k without knee pain or simply feeling less stiff after a long day at work.

Just resting and hoping for the best is not sufficient injury management.

You will receive a tailored programme which in the early stages will focus on reducing pain and inflammation and improving range of movement. The programme will then progress to include strength and endurance drills which compliment the bodies healing process after an injury.

I aim to help build your body to be stronger, more resilient and robust than pre-injury.



With online coaching you can train from anywhere and in your own time with your programme set up online.

It will be catered towards the equipment and training space you have available. Not everyone has a garage gym or access to a gym. I can ensure you still progress even with limited equipment.

We will schedule in weekly check-ins to see how you are getting on and tackle any issues. You will have message support from me throughout the week too. Forgotten how to do an exercise? No sweat (pun intended) just get in touch whenever you need a bit more help (or even just to share a funny meme).



Food is a fabulous thing, it gives us fuel and energy and is also at the heart of lots of social events. I am certainly not a coach that encourages a super restrictive diet plan, cutting out your favourite foods or make you miss out on social occasions. 

Instead I will help to educate on where changes in your current diet can be made to still allow yourself to enjoy cheese, bread and a cheeky glass of wine whilst complimenting your training and goals. We will spend time going over your current nutritional habits and highlighting any areas of adjustments that are more suited towards your goal whilst still fitting in with your lifestyle. I will also help debunk many of the myths that run havoc in the fitness industry. 

"Is butter a carb?"

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