Oh hey there.
I'm Coach Ceri


I'm a personal trainer who enjoys helping people become fitter, stronger, healthier whilst having a bit of fun along the way. 

I believe exercise should not be viewed as a gruelling task or something we simply 'have' to do. It should be a celebration
of the amazing things your body is
able to achieve.

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Train with me 1-1

Either in person or via Zoom from the comfort of your own home




With a BSC in Sports rehabilitation, I offer specialised rehabilitation programmes to help you return to full function



Get a personalised training plan to follow in your own time with guidance and weekly check-ins to ensure you are happy and on track 



Full nutrition support throughout your training to educate how to make smarter choices and to help debunk any myths (you can still enjoy bread)

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"Ceri really invests the time to get to know you and your training needs, and her programming really reflects that, whether you train in the gym or virtually. I definitely look forward to our training sessions each week!" 

 "Ceri is absolutely great to work with as a trainer. She always greets you with a smile, but isn’t afraid to give that extra push when needed. Through our training, I’ve seen great progress with my strength (particularly my deadlifts), my flexibility and my outlook on fitness itself."

"Ceri makes me want to be a better version of myself."

"Ceri is great. Hands down. She puts up with my complaining, connects with me and pushes me."