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I'm Coach Ceri


I'm a personal trainer who enjoys helping people become fitter, stronger, healthier whilst having a bit of fun along the way. 

I believe exercise should not be viewed as a gruelling task or something we simply 'have' to do. It should be a celebration
of the amazing things your body is
able to achieve.

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Train with me 1-1, in person sessions are available in Brighton and London



Full nutrition support throughout your training to educate how to make smarter choices and to help debunk any myths (you can still enjoy bread)



Get a personalised training plan to follow in your own time with guidance and weekly check-ins to ensure you are happy and on track 




With a BSC in Sports rehabilitation, I can work with and around injuries to help aid you on your rehabilitation journey.


Ceri’s sessions made me feel instantly at ease with going to the gym.


 I’m not sure how she contains all that knowledge in her brain!!! But also manages to explain it in a way that is understandable for me.


Before I walked into the gym looking like a lost dog. Whereas, now I walk into the gym with a solid plan of action ready to smash the gym!!


“I’m not sure there are even words to describe the impact Ceri has had on my training.


She has completely shifted my mindset around exercise and as a result I am the strongest I’ve ever been.


She is tirelessly dedicated to the success of her clients and strikes the perfect balance between making training fun yet challenging. My gym confidence and knowledge has improved so much, and Ceri has been there every step along the way!

(in person coaching)

I started training with Ceri back in 2019, having never done any kind of strength training before, and it's made such a massive difference to my fitness and confidence!


I used to have chronic shoulder pain, which has completely gone. As well as being an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, Ceri's also a delight to spend time with - which definitely helps motivate me to get up and going for the gym in the mornings!


I always leave my sessions with Ceri feeling energised and excited for the rest of my day.

(Also, she won't stop you from eating bread!)

 (online coaching)

Coach Ceri has been even better than I could have imagined.

The workouts Ceri sets for me are designed with me in mind, and tailored to my preferences - whilst still pushing me on the things I find tough.


Ceri is also conscious of other impacting factors - like work stress and hormones - and helps to navigate this, which is really important. 

Within just a few months I’ve seen some big changes to my fitness, strength, body and mental health and I am so excited to keep going.

(in person coaching)

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